TSL's SaberCon Saber Convention

Thank you!

Sabercon 2017 was a complete success! With over 400 attendees and 40 fighters participating, the TSL II tournament saw many exciting and memorable moments that will be shared for a long time to come! We can't wait to see you all next year! Date and venue to be announced.

What is Sabercon?

We are gathering the major saber companies, smaller saber smiths and customizers to get you in touch with those that can address all of your sabering needs. Looking to buy your first saber? Looking to upgrade a saber you already own? Looking to have a one of a kind custom created just for you? This will be the event you have been waiting for!

In addition to saber smiths we will host exhibitors from all corners of the sabering community. We are inviting saber groups from cosplay, stage combat, saber flow, martial art and full contact dueling communities. Are you trying to connect with organizations willing to share their experiences and help you grow your skills and interests with these one of a kind combat quality costume props? Here is your chance to meet people from all walks of the saber experience and all areas of our great community!

Vendors and Sponsors

What does Sabercon have to offer?

During the weekend you will enjoy The Saber Legion’s 2nd annual full contact heavy dueling custom saber event (TSL II). Join us and catch a glimpse of the sport that is forming across the globe with these amazing Sabers as the inspiration and focal point. Come and watch the competitors wield Saber Pikes, Cross guard Sabers, Saber Staves and Dual Wield as the highlight of the exotic saber bracket. Embrace the excitement for the main event, the standard saber competition. Join us and watch as our champions from last year defend their titles as new members reach for glory to be named this year’s TSL Saber Champion.

If you are a fan of any area of the saber community you will not be disappointed. Join us for the events, stay for the social gatherings, meet some new friends and be surrounded with the excitement that only the community of saber enthusiasts can bring to life.